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Urbanización Luz de las Salinas
From 167 000 €
(1 167 €/m²)
5 properties for sale
Calle Casas Nuevas, Aljaraque
Urbanización Luz de las Salinas
Swimming poolGymLandscaped areasSocial club
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Puerta del Atlántico
From 174 800 €
(1 779 - 1 942 €/m²)
3 properties for sale Release date: 2024
Calle Villanueva de las Cruces s/n, Huelva
Puerta del Atlántico
Swimming poolGarageElevatorCentral Air ConditioningCommunity terraceGarden
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Odiel Plaza
From 263 000 €
(1 718 - 2 710 €/m²)
3 properties for sale
Avenida de Italia, Huelva
Odiel Plaza
Swimming poolGarageElevatorCommunity terraceSolariumGarden
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Promoción de tipologias Vivienda en venta VILLABLANCA Huelva
From 78 900 €
(559 - 744 €/m²)
7 properties for sale
Promoción de tipologias Vivienda en venta VILLABLANCA Huelva
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Jardines de Tartessos 7ª Fase
From 263 000 €
(1 398 - 1 437 €/m²)
4 properties for sale
Calle Alfonso X el Sabio Esq. calle Carmen Conde s/n, Huelva
Jardines de Tartessos 7ª Fase
Sports courtSwimming poolGaragePadel courtPlaygroundMultipurpose room+3
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Las Américas V
From 187 500 €
(1 866 - 2 083 €/m²)
5 properties for sale
Solar PP4 Vistalegre, Huelva
Las Américas V
Swimming poolGarageElevatorPadel courtPlaygroundStorage room+3
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Sol de El Rompido
From 315 000 €
(2 442 - 2 692 €/m²)
5 properties for sale
Parcela 8 sector Nuevo Rompido Oeste s/n, Cartaya
Sol de El Rompido
Swimming poolGarageElevatorGolf coursePadel courtPlayground+4
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Residencial Balcones Condasol
From 71 523 €
(887 - 954 €/m²)
7 properties for sale
Avenida ronda de los legionarios, La Palma del Condado
Residencial Balcones Condasol
ElevatorCommunity terrace
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VillaNueva Golf
From 210 000 €
(1 640 €/m²)
Last property for sale
Calle Teide s/n, Aljaraque
VillaNueva Golf
GarageElevatorGolf courseGarden
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Luz de Huelva
From 159 602 €
(1 425 - 1 460 €/m²)
Last 2 properties for sale
PP8 Seminario s/n, Huelva
Luz de Huelva
GarageSecurityPlaygroundLandscaped areas
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Promoción de tipologias Vivienda en venta TRIGUEROS Huelva
From 65 000 €
(592 - 782 €/m²)
7 properties for sale
Calle Rejilla s/n, Trigueros
Promoción de tipologias Vivienda en venta TRIGUEROS Huelva
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Hoyo 19 - 2ª Fase
From 160 700 €
(2 097 - 2 921 €/m²)
6 properties for sale
Calle Diego de Almagro s/n, Cartaya
Hoyo 19 - 2ª Fase
Sports courtGarageElevatorGolf coursePadel courtStorage room+2
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New developments in Huelva

Currently, there is an offer of around 35 new developments in the province of Huelva, including those already finished and those under construction. In national figures, Huelva is one of the Spanish provinces with the lowest percentage of approved building permits per capita. Specifically, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE), it is 1 permit for every 1,000 inhabitants, similar to other provinces in Spain such as León or Jaén.

The cheapest price per square meter for new property in the entire province is located in El Condado, with a value of around 580 euros. It is followed by Las Colonias for around 1,100 euros per square meter or Isla Cristina, in the coastal area, for about 1,150 euros.

Prices continue to rise in the beach area, up to 1,950 euros per square meter in Punta Umbría, and up to the highest price of all Huelva in Isla Canela (Ayamonte), for over 2,600 euros.

Which cities have the highest amount of new developments under construction?

Currently, the cities with the highest offer of new developments in the province of Huelva are Huelva capital, Ayamonte, and El Condado.

Which cities in the beach area have the main new construction projects?

The most relevant new construction projects in the coastal area of the province of Huelva are Ayamonte and Punta Umbría.

What factors influence the price of a new property in the province of Huelva?

In general, the price per square meter in a new development in the province of Huelva varies depending on supply and demand, as well as external factors such as the active population, economic situation, tourism, and foreign investment.

Regarding the characteristics of the property, the location, square meters, extra services and common facilities are the main factors that increase the final price of new construction housing. In addition, materials, finishes, the level of security, and sustainable elements such as solar panels also add value to the property in the province of Huelva. Above all, having a pool and air conditioning installation is important to cope with high summer temperatures.

It is worth noting the significant difference between buying a new independent apartment in a residential complex and a semi-detached or detached house. The cost of any service in the former is shared communally, while in the latter case, it would be private.

What is the situation of new construction in the real estate market of the province of Huelva?

In 2021, the province of Huelva approved 910 new construction permits, according to the Ministry of Development. Although these numbers are far from the 12,000 permits approved during the real estate boom in 2006, the figures have continued to increase in the province. From 341 in 2014 to 539 in 2018, 776 in 2019, and over 900 in 2021. With these numbers, the province of Huelva ranks at the bottom in terms of authorizations to build new construction projects in all of Andalusia.

Despite this, new construction sales account for more than 20% of annual acquisitions in the province. According to the National Institute of Statistics (INE), the purchase of these developments in 2020 accounted for 1,128 transactions out of a total of 4,980 purchases in the province. This represents 22.6% of the total. In 2021, this percentage increased to 23.2%. Specifically, 1,805 new construction homes were purchased out of a total of 7,800 homes in the Huelva real estate market.

What is the importance of buying new development compared to second-hand property in the province of Huelva?

Year after year, the purchase of new construction homes in the province of Huelva grows steadily and steadily, taking ground away from the purchase of second-hand properties. It is undeniable that moving into a brand new home is one of the main reasons to acquire this type of property. Being able to move in after receiving the keys is a privilege compared to second-hand homes. These always require some partial or total work to align with the newer developments.

On the other hand, new construction properties, before being handed over to the final owner, offer the possibility of making modifications, customizing the home, and also reducing costs with more sustainable and energy-efficient materials. This can include insulation materials or the installation of solar panels.

The common areas are also noteworthy and undoubtedly make a big difference. The installation of outdoor sports facilities, green areas, playgrounds, or swimming pools significantly increases the value of our construction developments.

Where to buy new development in the province of Huelva?

More than 60% of the supply of new development in the province of Huelva is located in the capital city. The remaining percentage is in municipalities near the coast bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, such as Ayamonte, El Rompido, or Punta Umbria.

In the city of Huelva, the cheapest price is located in the Las Colonias area, where properties have an average cost of 60,000 euros. It is followed by the Isla Chica area with prices ranging from 110,000 for 95 square meters to 146,000 for an attic with 94 square meters.

The values of new properties begin to rise in the areas of Verdeluz-La Hispanidad and Marismas de Polvorin. In these places, the most expensive properties in the capital are located. In the Verdeluz area, the prices of semi-detached houses range from 158,000 euros to 175,000 euros. All properties come with a garage included, a terrace, four bedrooms, and over 100 square meters. In Marismas de Polvorin, costs start from 263,000 euros for a 185-square-meter semi-detached house with 3 bedrooms, a garage, and a storage room.

On the coast, the cheapest and most expensive municipality is Ayamonte. In the interior of the town, a 58-square-meter apartment can be purchased for 72,000 euros. However, Isla Canela Beach is where the most expensive property in the entire province of Huelva is located. It is a 240-square-meter attic for more than 560,000 euros. The average prices are located in Punta Umbria coast, where you can buy anything from a 70-square-meter apartment for 83,000 euros to a 110-square-meter semi-detached house for 205,000 euros.

All new developments in the province of Huelva

Exclusive list of new developments in all cities in the province of Huelva as well as the names of selling agents, developers that carry the projects and also the basic statistics of prices for new construction developments
Developments Total objects City Median house price Average price per m² Sales agent
VillaNueva Golf 17 Aljaraque 210 000 € 1 640 € PROMOCIONES CASAS LA MONACILLA S.L.
Residencial Hoyo 3 Aljaraque 282 500 € 1 510 € Ikesa Real Estate
Promoción de tipologias Vivienda en venta TRIGUEROS Huelva Trigueros 74 000 € 727 € Servihabitat
Promoción de tipologias Vivienda en venta VILLABLANCA Huelva Villablanca 83 500 € 627 € Servihabitat
Hoyo 19 - 2ª Fase Cartaya 187 000 € 2 311 € Lagunas del portil
Urbanización Luz de las Salinas 63 Aljaraque 167 000 € 1 167 € Edioccidental SL
Puerta del Atlántico 42 Huelva 194 298 € 1 815 € INTUR SOLUCIONES INMOBILIARIAS
Luz del Faro 32 Cartaya 178 500 € 1 700 € Edistaa Hogar
Calle Corales, 4 La Antilla La Antilla 319 000 € 2 803 € Building Signature Solutions
Luz de Huelva 76 Huelva 161 602 € 1 442 € Bayonuba inmobiliaria
Residencial Balcones Condasol 42 La Palma del Condado 82 067 € 900 € Vive Soluciones Inmobiliarias
Sol de El Rompido 50 Cartaya 317 000 € 2 677 € Nozar
Las Américas V Huelva 239 700 € 1 923 € Bekinsa
Jardines de Tartessos 7ª Fase Huelva 263 000 € 1 421 € Bekinsa
Adosados en Aljaraque 12 Corrales 160 700 € 1 350 € Solvia
La Galera de El Rompido 28 Cartaya 257 500 € 2 343 € Grupo Promar
Odiel Plaza 9 Huelva 270 000 € 1 764 € Grupo Promar
Urbania 18 18 Huelva 215 000 € 1 432 € ONOS BA´AL INMOBILIARIA
ARGEN HUELVA III 38 Huelva 213 500 € 1 899 € Aelca
Odelania Huelva Huelva Culmia
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