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Guadalajara AD Home
From 115 000 €
(1 767 - 3 050 €/m²)
10 properties for sale
Calle de la campiña s/n, Guadalajara
Guadalajara AD Home
GarageElevatorGymCentral Air ConditioningPlaygroundLandscaped areas+4
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Sie7e III
From 242 000 €
(1 551 €/m²)
Last 2 properties for sale Release date: 2025
Calle Peñalén s/n, Cabanillas del Campo
Sie7e III
GarageGardenPrivate parking
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Novo Cabanillas Fase 7
From 229 500 €
(1 995 €/m²)
Last property for sale Release date: 2024
Calle Sauca s/n, Cabanillas del Campo
Novo Cabanillas Fase 7
Swimming poolGarageGardenPrivate parking
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Cerro La muela
From 230 000 €
(1 840 €/m²)
Last property for sale Release date: 2023
Calle Cerro La Muela , Villanueva de la Torre
Cerro La muela
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Style Homes III
From 227 200 €
(1 565 - 1 669 €/m²)
3 properties for sale
Calle Juan Emilio Pérez García 0, Guadalajara
Style Homes III
Swimming poolGarageGymVideo door entryPlaygroundLandscaped areas
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Style Homes IV
From 189 000 €
(1 472 - 2 491 €/m²)
Last 2 properties for sale
Calle Antonio Fernandez Molina 2, Guadalajara
Style Homes IV
Swimming poolGarageVideo door entryPlaygroundLandscaped areas
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Tavira Homes
From 206 000 €
(1 354 - 1 379 €/m²)
3 properties for sale
Avenida España 3, Alovera
Tavira Homes
Swimming poolGarageVideo door entryPlaygroundLandscaped areasLounge / Community room
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Lyra Ad Home
From 116 000 €
(1 421 - 1 681 €/m²)
10 properties for sale Release date: 2024
Calle Geranio, Alovera
Lyra Ad Home
Swimming poolGarageElevatorGymPlaygroundStorage room+2
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Oky Homes
From 180 000 €
(1 638 - 2 137 €/m²)
10 properties for sale Release date: 2025
Paseo del Castañar, Guadalajara
Oky Homes
Swimming poolGarageElevatorPlaygroundStorage roomCommunity terraceGarden
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From 299 000 €
(1 769 €/m²)
Last property for sale Release date: 2023
Calle CORDUENTE, Cabanillas del Campo
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Avenida El Encinar
From 164 084 €
(1 695 - 1 803 €/m²)
4 properties for sale
Avenida el Encinar, Guadalajara
Avenida El Encinar
Swimming poolGarageElevatorPlaygroundStorage roomLandscaped areas+2
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El Casar I
From 542 700 €
(3 289 €/m²)
Last property for sale Release date: 2023
Calle Río Tajo , El Casar
El Casar I
Swimming poolGarden
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New developments in Guadalajara

Currently, there is an offer of around 45 new construction developments in the province of Guadalajara, including those already completed and those under construction.

In national figures, Guadalajara ranks sixth in terms of approved new construction permits per capita. Specifically, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE), it is 4.5 permits per 1,000 inhabitants, behind Soria, Ciudad Real, Almería, Córdoba, and Burgos.

The cheapest square meter of new construction is located in Jadraque and Almonacid de Zorita, both with a price of around 600-650 euros. Matarrubia follows with 690 €/m².

The average price per square meter is found in Alovera at 1,320 €/m² and Azuqueca de Henares at 1,616 euros. The most expensive in the province of Guadalajara is in El Casar with almost 2,000 euros per square meter.

Which towns have the largest amount of new developments under construction?

Currently, the municipalities with the highest volume of new construction developments in the province of Guadalajara are Guadalajara capital, Alovera, Las Cañas, and El Casar.

What influences the price of new property in the province of Guadalajara?

The real estate supply and demand in the province of Guadalajara generally dictate the price per square meter of new developments. In addition, external factors such as the economic situation of the region, tourism, the average purchasing power of the population, or foreign investment, particularly location, also play a significant role. The proximity and communication by road and/or train with the capital, Madrid, is a crucial factor in calculating the price.

Regarding property characteristics, orientation, square meters, construction materials, and finishes make a difference in the final price.

Common areas have also become a differentiating and influential element in new developments. The presence of a garage and storage room, outdoor sports facilities, a swimming pool, or children's areas can significantly vary the price, as well as solar panels, centralized heating, and air conditioning. All these extras considerably increase the property's value.

What is the position of new developments in the real estate market of the province of Guadalajara?

In 2021, a total of 1,133 new construction permits were approved in the province of Guadalajara, according to the Ministry of Public Works. Specifically, 4.5 permits per 10,000 inhabitants, ranking it in the second position in its autonomous community, only behind Ciudad Real.

In terms of sales, new developments represent over 25% of annual acquisitions throughout the province. According to the National Institute of Statistics (INE), the sale of these properties in 2020 accounted for 988 transactions out of a total of 3,258 purchases in the province, representing 30.3%. In 2021, that figure decreased to 25.8%, with 1,350 new build properties sold out of a total of 5,237 homes in the real estate market of Guadalajara.

What is the importance of buying new developments compared to second-hand properties in the province of Guadalajara?

The fact that Guadalajara is the second province in Castilla-La Mancha with the most approved permits for the construction of new-build developments is the result of the demand from local and foreign customers, making these properties highly coveted, in demand, and above all, valued.

The guarantee of having a new home and being able to make modifications or personalizations before the keys are handed over is one of the main incentives for choosing new-build properties over second-hand ones. The latter always need some kind of renovation or partial or total change.

In addition to this, the current construction materials and finishes are vastly superior. The common areas, which undoubtedly make a big difference, must also be highlighted. The installation of outdoor sports facilities, green areas, playgrounds or swimming pools significantly increases the value of newly built residential complexes.

Furthermore, energy-efficient elements can be installed to lower the monthly electricity or gas bill, such as solar panels or insulation materials.

Where to buy new developments in the province of Guadalajara?

In the province of Guadalajara, almost 30% of the new-build housing supply is located in the capital. The rest is located in municipalities very close to Madrid.

In Guadalajara capital, the most affordable properties have a price of €115,000 for a 53 square meter flat with garage. Prices begin to rise in the Las Cañas area, where most of the new-build developments in the city are concentrated. In this area, a 122 square meter flat with a garage and terrace has a price of €152,000 or a 150 square meter flat for €230,000.

In El Casar, the most expensive properties in the entire province of Guadalajara are located. Prices start from €130,000 for a 100 square meter villa up to €400,000 for a 240 square meter, four-bedroom semi-detached villa.

In Alovera, a 40 square meter new-build flat can be purchased for €91,000 or a 120 square meter flat for €150,000. The most expensive properties in this municipality are semi-detached villas over 200 square meters for €315,000.

All new developments in the province of Guadalajara

Exclusive list of new developments in all cities in the province of Guadalajara as well as the names of selling agents, developers that carry the projects and also the basic statistics of prices for new construction developments
Developments Total objects City Median house price Average price per m² Sales agent
Aviva Homes Guadalajara 169 000 € 1 327 € Neinor Homes
Novo Cabanillas Fase 7 5 Cabanillas del Campo 229 500 € 1 995 € Adama Homes
Oky Homes Guadalajara 217 500 € 1 864 € Jesthisa Desarrollos Inmobiliarios S.A. (Oky Homes)
Residencial Dos Rios 95 Yebes 155 500 € 1 230 € Induo inmobiliaria
Cadelca Cabanillas del Campo 299 000 € 1 769 € Nenvo Homes, S.L.
Sie7e III 16 Cabanillas del Campo 242 000 € 1 551 € Jesthisa Desarrollos Inmobiliarios S.A. (Oky Homes)
Avenida El Encinar Guadalajara 202 370 € 1 746 € hi! Real Estate
Cerro La muela Villanueva de la Torre 230 000 € 1 840 € Alcalá Inmobiliaria
El Casar I El Casar 542 700 € 3 289 € KAEBIN
Crece el Casar O.N. El Casar 314 000 € 1 834 € Los Arenales del Casar, S.A.
Guadalajara AD Home Guadalajara 178 000 € 1 857 € Induo inmobiliaria
Acebeda Homes 64 Guadalajara 184 500 € 1 991 € Neinor Homes
Aira Guadalajara Guadalajara 185 530 € 1 374 € Aelca
Tavira Homes Alovera 206 000 € 1 354 € Neinor Homes
Style Homes IV Guadalajara 197 000 € 1 694 € Neinor Homes
Style Homes III Guadalajara 227 200 € 1 654 € Neinor Homes
Azuqueca Ad Home 196 Azuqueca de Henares 172 209 € 1 551 € Arefu
Lyra Ad Home 52 Alovera 169 000 € 1 543 € Arefu
Bonaire Homes Alovera 154 000 € 1 252 € Neinor Homes
Aqua Homes Guadalajara 179 225 € 1 384 € Neinor Homes
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