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Urbanización Santa Cruz
From 395 000 €
(1 804 - 2 005 €/m²)
8 properties for sale
Calle La Soledad, Santa Cruz de Bezana
Urbanización Santa Cruz
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Renoir S-20
From 360 000 €
(2 121 - 3 205 €/m²)
3 properties for sale
Calle Barrio Monte la Torre, Barrio Aviche
Renoir S-20
Swimming poolGarageElevatorStorage roomCommunity terraceGarden
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Residencial Balcones de Otero
From 405 000 €
(1 575 €/m²)
Last property for sale Release date: 2022
Calle Balcones de Otero s/n, Santa Cruz de Bezana
Residencial Balcones de Otero
Landscaped areas
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Los Álamos-I
From 710 000 €
(5 851 - 7 027 €/m²)
5 properties for sale
Avenida de los Castros, Cueto
Los Álamos-I
Swimming poolGarageElevatorPadel courtStorage roomLandscaped areasCommunity terrace
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Playa Loredo
From 216 778 €
(2 462 - 2 542 €/m²)
5 properties for sale
Calle Coterillo, Loredo
Playa Loredo
GarageElevatorStorage roomLandscaped areas
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Residencial Plaza Liencres
From 128 700 €
(2 410 - 2 500 €/m²)
3 properties for sale
Calle Barrio La Iglesia, Liencres
Residencial Plaza Liencres
GarageElevatorCommunity terraceGarden
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Villas de Heras
From 225 000 €
(1 730 - 1 969 €/m²)
Last 2 properties for sale
Villas de Heras
GarageVideo door entryCentral Air Conditioning
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Residencial Dosvalles
From 345 000 €
(2 041 - 2 105 €/m²)
8 properties for sale Release date: 2024
Barrio Sector 102, Maoño
Residencial Dosvalles
Landscaped areasPrivate poolPrivate parking
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Residencial Puerto Calderón 2ª fase
From 150 000 €
(2 173 - 2 463 €/m²)
3 properties for sale Release date: 2023
Barrio Viallán , Oreña
Residencial Puerto Calderón 2ª fase
GarageElevatorStorage roomGarden
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Residencial Sampedro
From 439 000 €
(2 100 €/m²)
Last 2 properties for sale Release date: 2024
Avenida del Marqués de Valdecilla , Soto de la Marina
Residencial Sampedro
Swimming poolGarageMultipurpose roomGardenPrivate parking+1
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Villas del Arroyo
From 385 000 €
(2 138 €/m²)
Last property for sale
Avenida Juan de Herrera s/n, Azoños
Villas del Arroyo
Swimming poolGardenPrivate parking
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Residencial Altamira (DOBLE 1)
From 270 000 €
(1 370 - 2 108 €/m²)
6 properties for sale
Pozo vispieres s/n, Vispieres
Residencial Altamira (DOBLE 1)
GarageGardenPrivate parking
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New developments in Cantabria

The province of Cantabria currently has more than 75 new construction developments, which translates to a total of 1,315 homes, according to the Official College of Technical Architecture of Cantabria. In total, the surface area covered by these new construction homes exceeds 230,000 m². Cantabria is an interesting province to invest in new properties, as it enjoys great infrastructure and a coastline that has become a major tourist attraction in the last decade. In addition, it borders very important regions at the economic level (Asturias, Castilla y León and the Basque Country).

The lowest cost per square meter in the entire province is found in Los Corrales de Buelna, near Torrelavega, with a value that does not exceed €900/m². They are followed by Ramales de la Victoria, with a value that just exceeds €900/m². Above €1,000/m² are Torrelavega, Reocín, and Polanco. On the other hand, the highest average price in the entire province exceeds €2,000/m² in Santander, Ribamontán al Mar, Castro Urdiales, Laredo, and Noja. In all of these locations, there is a higher population density and great interest in new construction homes, either due to their location or the services they provide.

Where are new developments under construction located?

The municipalities with the highest volume of new construction developments in the construction phase or practically ready for marketing are Santander (more than 230 developments), Ribamontán al Mar (exceeding 100 properties), Santa Cruz de Bezana (also above 100 properties), Suances (almost 70), Castañeda and El Astillero (more than 50 each), Comillas (close to 50), and Laredo (over 30 properties).

In what beach areas are the main new construction developments located?

The most relevant new construction developments at the moment on the coast are located in developments in Santander, Suances, Comillas, Laredo, Santoña, Castro Urdiales, Ribamontán al Mar, and Santillana de Mar.

What factors affect the final cost of a new property in Cantabria?

As in the rest of the provinces, the price per m² of a new construction home is subject to the market situation, that is, the percentage of supply and demand at the time. This scenario is the main influencer in the final cost of a new construction property. However, there are other inherent characteristics of the property that also affect it. These include location, construction materials, home qualities, common services, facilities and/or technological systems it presents and its size. Also, other parameters such as the labour and/or economic situation of the region and the population density of the municipality also affect the final price, as they determine the demand for properties.

Regarding the specific aspects of the home, emphasis should be placed on common services. In recent years, almost all new residential complexes include some type of common feature, such as a garage, park, paddle court, swimming pool, or gym. This case should be studied, as it is not the same to acquire a community house or an independent villa. In the latter, the expense of any extra quality will be private, whereas in a shared urbanization, it will be shared and at a lower cost. Therefore, if you are very interested in buying a new construction home, it is highly recommended to make the purchase when the development is still in the planning stage. If that is not possible, it is advisable to make the purchase in the early stages of construction. This way, the final price can be reduced by up to 30%.

What is the place of new developments in the real estate market in the province of Cantabria?

The entire region of Cantabria ended last year, 2021, with more than 700 new homes initiated. This represents a decrease of almost 30% compared to the previous year. In 2022, there are more than 1,300 newly-built homes approved, which translates into an increase of over 70% compared to 2021 and just over 20% compared to 2019. These figures demonstrate that the growth of new construction promotions in the province of Cantabria is gradual, with an average of more than 300 new homes quarterly.

The inland regions, such as Campoo, Pas-Miera Pisueña and Asón-Agüera, have grown the least in the last year in terms of new constructions. On the other hand, those near the coast, such as Costa Ocidental, Santander and Trasmiera, have maintained levels from previous years and are where most of the new construction promotions are concentrated.

What does new development offer compare to the second-hand property in the province of Cantabria?

The 2022 data shows that the new buildings real estate sector is on the rise after the latest crises experienced in the country in the last decade. In the province of Cantabria, construction has concentrated in the areas of the Cantabrian Sea coastline. These properties are a guarantee of purchase when compared to second-hand properties. This is because the materials are more energy-efficient, resulting in savings for the buyer. In addition, these homes have the capacity for personalization, as they are newly built. They also include other features such as a garage, pool, park, or paddle court, which most second-hand properties do not have. This, in turn, results in an increase in the value of the properties.

Returning to the thread of energy efficiency, new constructions present technologies related to renewable energy, such as solar panels, a very attractive factor for new consumers.

Where to buy new development in the province of Cantabria?

Santander is one of the provinces on the Cantabrian Sea that has the largest volume of new homes near the coast, as shown by its association of surveyors. Most developments are located in Santander, Suances, Comillas, Laredo, and Ribamontán al Mar. In these municipalities, the price is higher, and a new home can be purchased from €100,000 up to over €1,000,000 for the most luxurious ones. These properties are mainly apartments or penthouses, becoming smaller apartments near the beach.

In the inland regions, the price of a new property can start at €50,000-€60,000, especially in towns with a lower population density. In addition, these developments do not include many common services.

All new developments in the province of Cantabria

Exclusive list of new developments in all cities in the province of Cantabria as well as the names of selling agents, developers that carry the projects and also the basic statistics of prices for new construction developments
Developments Total objects City Median house price Average price per m² Sales agent
Residencial Liencres Boo de Piélagos 26 Urbanización Joya del Pas 340 000 € 1 883 € Inmobiliarias San Fernando
Villas del Arroyo 17 Azoños 385 000 € 2 138 € Villas del Arroyo, S.L
Residencial Balcones de Otero Santa Cruz de Bezana 405 000 € 1 575 € VALDELPAS
Residencial Sampedro Soto de la Marina 439 000 € 2 100 € Valnera Homes
RESIDENCIAL AGUANAZ Urbanización La Peña 96 000 € 1 252 € Activos propiedad Grupo Santander
Residencial Altamira (DOBLE 1) 48 Vispieres 292 500 € 1 484 € Grupo Tecniobras
Playa Loredo Loredo 219 414 € 2 465 € Bonamesis
Residencial Plaza Liencres 24 Liencres 185 000 € 2 475 € INMOMAR ( GIAFAGAB INVERSION 2009 SL)
Renoir S-20 12 Barrio Aviche 375 000 € 3 103 € Grupo Pinta
11 Viviendas Castro Urdiales Samano 11 Ornás 244 000 € 2 440 € TEMPERLEY 2001 S.L.U.
Los Álamos-I 35 Cueto 825 000 € 6 028 € ARLARE
Residencial Dosvalles 16 Maoño 352 000 € 2 070 € FMP Desarrollos Inmobiliarios
Altos de Peñacastillo Urbanización Peña Verde 499 000 € 1 646 € INMOMAR ( GIAFAGAB INVERSION 2009 SL)
Villas de Heras 30 Santander 242 500 € 1 849 € SanFernando
Acacio 4 Suances 619 500 € 2 137 € Inmobiliarias San Fernando
Urbanización Santa Cruz 12 Santa Cruz de Bezana 415 000 € 1 835 € Lisorta
Residencial Puerto Calderón 2ª fase 16 Oreña 150 000 € 2 173 € Construcciones y Rehabilitaciones Cárcoba
La Pereda Residencial 16 Cueto 467 500 € 4 148 € LA PEREDA RESIDENCIAL S.L.
Residencial La Fincona 16 Somonte 347 514 € 3 278 € FMP Desarrollos Inmobiliarios
Santa Cruz Santa Cruz de Bezana 415 000 € 1 864 € Lisorta
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