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La Nueva U25
From 125 000 €
(1 978 - 3 075 €/m²)
5 properties found
calle Eduardo Saavedra, Soria
La Nueva U25
ElevatorGymSecurityVideo door entryCentral Air ConditioningTennis court+3
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Elio Antonio de Nebrija
From 210 000 €
(1 794 €/m²)
Last property found
Calle Elio Antonio de Nebrija, Soria
Elio Antonio de Nebrija
ElevatorVideo door entryCentral Air Conditioning
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Residencial Aura V
Sold out
Avda de Valladolid, Soria
Residencial Aura V
ElevatorCentral Air ConditioningLandscaped areasSolarium
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New development in Soria

Currently, the province of Soria has a supply of more than 10 new construction promotions, both completed and under construction. Most of them are located in the capital, Soria.

The cheapest new build property price is located in Vinuesa, with a cost of €1,100 per square meter. Followed by the La Florida - San Pedro area, for more than €1,500/m². Up to the most expensive area in the entire province, Almazán, where the value per square meter reaches €1,800.

Which towns have the most new developments under construction?

The municipalities in the province of Soria that have the majority of the supply of new development are Soria capital, El Burgo de Osma, and Almazán.

What impacts the final cost of a new property in the province of Soria?

In general, the price of a home is the result of supply and demand in the province of Soria, as in the rest of the country. External factors also need to be considered, such as the economic situation of the area, the employment rate, municipal taxes, and, above all, location. The location where the new construction homes are located can result in an increase or decrease of between 10-15% on the final figure. The most expensive ones are located in the heart of the capital, in the center or in well-connected outskirts areas. Both are close to shopping areas, schools, universities, playgrounds, leisure areas, and emblematic or more touristy places in Soria.

Regarding the characteristics of the home, square meters, orientation, distribution, outdoor areas, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as materials and finishes, mark the variability of costs within the same development. We can see this, for example, in a new construction complex in La Florida - San Pedro, in Soria capital. A 2-bedroom and 52 m2 property costs €82,000. With 3 bedrooms and 79 square meters, the value is €135,000 and, finally, with 111 square meters and 3 bedrooms, the cost increases to €159,000.

Another factor to consider is the amenities and services offered by the common areas of new residential developments. 24-hour surveillance, a children's area, sports courts, a swimming pool, or a gym are some of the most common amenities that increase the value. In this aspect, a thorough analysis must be carried out since any community provision in development will not have the same value as an independent property.

If you are interested in buying a new construction property in the province of Soria, it is advisable to carry out the transaction when the construction is on-plan or in the early stages of construction if possible. In this way, the final price can be reduced by up to 30%.

What is the real estate situation of new developments in the province of Soria?

The construction of new-build developments in the province of Soria remains stable, with an annual average of around 10-12 developments. These figures are positive given that it is one of the provinces in Spain that is experiencing depopulation.

The wide range of prices from €86,000 to €225,000 across the province makes it possible to accommodate a diverse range of clients, including national and international investors, couples without children, families, and even individual tenants, thanks to the range of apartments and villas in the province of Soria.

What is the importance of buying new development compared to second-hand property in the province of Soria?

As many houses in the province of Soria are located in depopulated areas, some of them are in a very deteriorated state, almost in ruins. The majority of them require partial or total renovation to be inhabitable, and these modifications and renovations can significantly increase the price of second-hand properties, even exceeding that of new-build properties.

The ease of making changes and customizing the property without additional cost is one of the great attractions of new-build developments, as well as their modern aesthetic, high-quality materials and finishes, and the latest security and energy-efficient systems. All of these factors help to save on monthly bills for electricity and gas.

The latest new-build developments have improved their common services and facilities. Nowadays, most of them have a garage, children's play area, swimming pool, or outdoor sports facilities.

Where to buy new developments in the province of Soria?

New developments are available in Soria city, El Burgo de Osma, and Almazán. Surprisingly, the cheapest new-build properties in the entire province can be found in Soria City. In the San Pedro - La Florida area, a 52 m2 apartment can be purchased for €82,000. The next most affordable option is located on Avenida de Valladolid, where a 100 m2, 3-bedroom apartment with a terrace and garage is available for €178,000. The most expensive property is a 156 square meter apartment in the city centre priced at €312,000.

In Almazán, there are newly built villas with a general value of €225,000 for 160 m2, including a garage and terrace.

In El Burgo de Osma, villas start at €196,000 for 130 square meters and 3 bedrooms and go up to €235,000 for 180 m2 and 4 bedrooms.

All new developments in the province of Soria

Exclusive list of new developments in all cities in the province of Soria as well as the names of selling agents, developers that carry the projects and also the basic statistics of prices for new construction developments
Developments Total objects City Median house price Average price per m² Sales agent
La Nueva U25 Soria 247 000 € 2 147 € Hermanos Rubio Grupo Constructor Herce Sl
Elio Antonio de Nebrija Soria 210 000 € 1 794 € Construcciones Aranga Sl
Residencial Aura V 35 Soria Vendido Vendido Europea de Viviendas Duero Soria sl
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