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Jaca Gil Berges
From 187 090 €
(2 716 - 2 751 €/m²)
2 properties found
Calle Gil Bergés s/n, Asieso
Jaca Gil Berges
GarageElevatorStorage room
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Edificio Affa II (DOBLE 1)
From 134 000 €
(1 475 - 1 650 €/m²)
9 properties found
Avenida Benito coll, Binéfar
Edificio Affa II (DOBLE 1)
GarageElevatorCommunity terraceGarden
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Terrazas de San Jorge
From 233 000 €
(2 135 - 3 711 €/m²)
5 properties found
Calle de San Jorge, Huesca
Terrazas de San Jorge
ElevatorSolariumCommunity parking
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Sensae Residencial
From 248 950 €
(1 670 - 1 719 €/m²)
2 properties found Release date: diciembre 2024
Monflorite-Lascasas, Huesca
Sensae Residencial
GarageVideo door entrySolariumGarden
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Quinto Sertorio
From 144 000 €
(1 734 €/m²)
Last property found
Calle quinto sertorio, Huesca
Quinto Sertorio
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Evoque Sport
From 192 000 €
(1 590 - 2 345 €/m²)
5 properties found Release date: 2024
Perpetuo Socorro, Huesca
Evoque Sport
Swimming poolElevatorVideo door entryCentral Air Conditioning
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From 201 780 €
(2 700 - 3 156 €/m²)
8 properties found
Avenida Zaragoza, Asieso
Swimming poolElevatorCommunity terrace
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en Binéfar
From 150 000 €
(1 764 - 1 837 €/m²)
5 properties found Release date: 2023
Avenida Aragón, Binéfar
en Binéfar
ElevatorCentral Air ConditioningStorage roomCommunity parking
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Residencial Santiago
From 88 800 €
(1 082 - 1 411 €/m²)
6 properties found Release date: 2023
Calle Santiago, Grañén
Residencial Santiago
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Residencial Prados de Izuel1
From 278 500 €
(2 245 €/m²)
Last property found Release date: 2024
Calle La Viña, Villanúa
Residencial Prados de Izuel1
GarageSolar energy+1
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From 149 000 €
(1 250 - 1 732 €/m²)
3 properties found Release date: agosto 2023
Avenida Aragón, Binéfar
ElevatorStorage room
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Residencial Iserías
From 205 000 €
(1 014 €/m²)
Last property found Release date: tercer trimestre 2023
Calle Ibon de Iserias, Villanúa
Residencial Iserías
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New developments in Huesca

Currently, in the province of Huesca, there are more than 40 new construction developments with apartments and townhouses, both under construction and completed. The figure is due to the fact that Huesca, located in the Aragon region of Spain, is within the so-called "empty Spain". The interior of the peninsula is experiencing migration abroad and to large cities, leaving provinces like this with inhabitants concentrated in the capital and in the area of the National Park of the Pyrenees. The number of developments is divided between 70% in the Pyrenean areas and 30% in the capital.

Despite this situation, the cheapest square meter of new construction costs 850 euros and is located in Sabiñanigo and the Perpetuo Socorro district. Properties in Binéfar and Monzón can be acquired for around 1,600 euros per square meter. The most expensive new properties in the entire province are located in the Aragonese Pyrenees, near Jaca and the ski slopes in the area. Towns such as Biescas or Panticosa, where the average price per square meter is 2,000-2,500 euros.

Where is the largest number of new developments located?

Currently, the areas with the largest number and widest range of new construction housing in the province of Huesca are the city of Huesca in the first place, Jaca and, finally, Villanúa.

What influences the price of a new property in the province of Huesca?

In general, the price per square meter of a new property in Huesca is set based on the guidelines of the national and provincial real estate market. It depends on supply, demand, and especially location. It is worth noting that despite being in a region experiencing depopulation, prices are similar to other provinces such as Malaga or Seville, for example. The peculiarity of its high cost is due to the proximity to one of the favourite winter destinations, the Pyrenees. New developments in the area feature stone facades, insulating materials throughout the property, views of nature, modern aesthetics, and security systems.

As extras, game rooms, private gardens, saunas or gyms are common. In these types of complexes or residential areas, the distinguishing characteristics are the comfort of the property, energy efficiency, garage, and furnished housing. This is ideal due to the terrain's topography and the great distance from commercial areas. In the case of the capital, Huesca, they are located in the historic city centre. Low-consumption properties, insulation, and a garage are the differentiating factor, the most sought-after, and the most influential in determining the final price.

What is the new construction real estate market like in the province of Huesca?

In recent years, citizens in general and those from Huesca in particular, have preferred to buy a house in the Pyrenean area rather than in the capital. Buying a larger home close to the countryside and nature has become a reality for some and a desire for others. Foreign investment, due to its proximity to France, also plays a special role in the purchase of new construction in the area and has been a lifeline in stabilizing the construction of developments year after year.

In over 10 years, no subsidized housing has been built in Huesca, making new build property one of the best options on the market for new homeowners. Thanks to their wide range of prices from 70,000-80,000 euros to over 350,000 euros.

In the last quarter of last year, purchases of new construction in the province of Huesca increased by more than 10% compared to the previous year. According to the College of Registrars, the region of Aragon is one of the most active markets nationally at present.

What are the benefits of new development compared to a second-hand property in the province of Huesca?

The high price of a property in the province of Huesca means that customers prioritize and prefer to purchase new construction over second-hand. The reasons? At the same price, new developments offer better conditions.

There is the possibility of customizing the home, making modifications to the plans, being fully furnished, as well as total insulation. This results in lower electricity and gas bills. All of these factors make new build homes a safe bet in the province of Huesca compared to other options in the real estate market. New developments offer different financing plans, security and guarantees throughout all phases of construction. In addition to promoting sustainability and efficiency in all aspects, common areas have playgrounds, swimming pools, 24-hour security, outdoor activity spaces or gyms.

Where to buy new construction in the province of Huesca?

Currently, due to the depopulation of the interior of the province, there are only two areas where new construction offerings can be found:

  • Pyrenean zone. This is where the most expensive new build properties in the entire province of Huesca are located. Almost like they're straight out of a storybook, the properties have a modern yet rustic architectural style that fits with the area. Townhouses and detached houses predominate, built with stone and the latest in insulation. Prices start at €115,000 for a 44-square-meter apartment in Villanúa, going up to €150,000 for a 90-square-meter semi-detached house in Barasona, Pre-Pyrenean Aragon. The most expensive ones are located in Panticosa, Villanúa, and Biescas. In all of them, properties with the latest residential features and extras have a value of between €200,000 and €300,000, and range from properties with 90 square meters to 280.
  • In the city of Huesca, prices drop, as does the supply. For €90,000-98,000, it is possible to buy a new apartment with 50 square meters or 38 in the Historic Center of the city. The average price in the city centre is around €190,000 for a 75-square-meter apartment. The most expensive ones are located in Yequeda with more than 200 square meters, a garage, and 3 bedrooms for €265,000.

All new developments in the province of Huesca

Exclusive list of new developments in all cities in the province of Huesca as well as the names of selling agents, developers that carry the projects and also the basic statistics of prices for new construction developments
Developments Total objects City Median house price Average price per m² Sales agent
Aragón Binéfar 150 000 € 1 730 € Construcciones y Contratas MATEO
en Binéfar Binéfar 154 500 € 1 796 € Inmobiliaria Altabás
Residencial Santiago Grañén 145 000 € 1 299 € PROMOVILLA HOMES
Jaca Gil Berges Asieso 191 352 € 2 733 € OroelCasa
Edificio El Cedro 9 Huesca 121 385 € 2 455 € Bajén Empresa Constructora
AZ21 17 Asieso 224 775 € 3 084 € Fincas gr11
Calmma Residencial - Biescas 21 Biescas 330 000 € 2 408 € Garlan Servicios Inmobiliarios
Pyrenaica Premium Homes en calle El Bujicar 28 – 30, Tramacastilla de Tena 2 Tramacastilla de Tena 553 800 € 1 970 € Garlan Servicios Inmobiliarios
Residencial Prados de Izuel1 18 Villanúa 278 500 € 2 245 € Garlan Servicios Inmobiliarios
Calmma Residencial 21 Biescas 325 000 € 2 579 € Doble Emme
Residencial Iserías 20 Villanúa 205 000 € 1 014 € Incognito
Biscós 7 Jaca 250 950 € 2 730 € Incognito
Edificio El Carrascal 23 Villanúa 155 500 € 3 020 € Inmobiliaria casmar
Edificio Affa II (DOBLE 1) 29 Binéfar 195 000 € 1 614 € C3 inmobiliaria
Panticosa Ad Home Huesca 245 000 € 3 035 € AD Home
CaMMino – Fase II Huesca 245 000 € 2 583 € Incognito
Evoque Sport 19 Huesca 198 000 € 1 960 € Evoque
Quinto Sertorio Huesca 144 000 € 1 734 € Incognito
Sensae Residencial Huesca 259 450 € 1 694 € Paobal
Terrazas de San Jorge 63 Huesca 252 000 € 2 306 € Prohabitat
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