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Xeresa del Monte
From 163 000 €
(2 546 - 4 629 €/m²)
4 properties found
Avenida Caudeli, Jeresa
Xeresa del Monte
Swimming poolGarageElevatorVideo door entryCentral Air ConditioningStorage roomCommunity parking
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From 375 000 €
(1 711 - 2 085 €/m²)
4 properties found Release date: 2025
Calle Zenobia de Camprubi, Hort de les Palmes
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Ocean Homes
From 423 445 €
(3 814 - 4 917 €/m²)
3 properties found
Camino Boriol, Oliva
Ocean Homes
Swimming poolGarageElevatorSecurityVideo door entryLandscaped areas
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Sevilla 7
From 350 900 €
(3 655 - 4 208 €/m²)
Last property found
Avenida Matisse, Oliva
Sevilla 7
Swimming poolGarageElevatorSecurityVideo door entryLandscaped areas
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From 1 075 000 €
(3 474 - 6 491 €/m²)
Last property found
Avenida Antonio Ferrandis, Valencia
Swimming poolGarageSecurityPlaygroundLandscaped areasBicycle storage room+2
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Geco Home Project 4048
From 1 200 000 €
Last property found
Geco Home Project 4048
Swimming poolGarageGymLandscaped areasSea view
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Asana Residencial
From 345 000 €
(2 536 - 2 694 €/m²)
6 properties found Release date: 2024
Calle Violetas s/n, Puebla de Vallbona
Asana Residencial
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Residencial Aurada
From 271 000 €
(2 419 - 2 603 €/m²)
5 properties found
Calle Frederic Chopin, Sagunto
Residencial Aurada
Swimming poolGarageElevatorCentral Air ConditioningPlaygroundLandscaped areas
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From 321 000 €
(2 767 €/m²)
Last property found
Calle Manolo Taberner, Valencia
Swimming poolGarageElevatorStorage roomBicycle storage room
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From 575 000 €
(2 704 - 3 853 €/m²)
Last property found
Avenida José Roca Coll, Valencia
Swimming poolGarageElevatorGymStorage roomMultipurpose room
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Paiporta Homes
From 292 000 €
(1 947 - 3 038 €/m²)
Last property found
Avenida Independencia 1, Motor de San Bernardo
Paiporta Homes
GarageElevatorStorage room
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Edificio Gaspar
From 151 500 €
(1 867 - 2 295 €/m²)
3 properties found Release date: 2024
Avenida Gaspar Aguilar, Valencia
Edificio Gaspar
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New developments in Valencia

Currently, there are more than 100 new construction developments located in different districts of Valencia province. This situation has allowed the capital cities of the Valencian Community, along with Andalusia, Catalonia, and Madrid, to share almost two-thirds of the total home sales. According to the Association of Quantity Surveyors in Valencia province, a total of 4,240 homes were built in 2021.

Currently, the cheapest price per square meter can be found in Corbera and Rafelcofer, with prices ranging from €550/m². They are followed closely by Bocairent at €721/m², Albaida and Barxeta both at €720/m². The average price per square meter in the region ranges between €900/m² and €1500/m², with Montserrat at €961/m² and Paterna at €1252/m² being particularly noteworthy.

However, the highest prices are found in towns closest to the city of Valencia, such as El Puig at over €1,700/m², Alboraya at over €2,300/m², and the capital of the province itself at around €2,300/m². Nevertheless, the average price in Valencia province is slightly over €1,750/m².

Where is the largest number of new developments located?

Currently, the largest number of new homes can be found in the city of Valencia (138), followed by Alzira (over 70), Benaguasil (just over 30), Rocafort (with 26), and Torrent and Sagunt (with 18 and 11, respectively).

Which coastal cities have the main new developments?

The most notable new construction developments in the coastal area are located in Cullera, Oliva, Canet de Berenguer, Pobla dels Farnals, and Sagunto.

What affects the price of new housing in the province of Valencia?

There are several factors that will determine the price of new housing in each city. However, one of the most important aspects to consider will always be the market price per square meter.

Although there are other factors that directly influence the price, such as the height of the floor, the location of consumption resources such as schools, hospitals, supermarkets, or shopping centers. Of course, the typology of the property itself will be a determining factor, as a townhouse, a penthouse, or an apartment will not have the same price range. Linked to the typology, energy efficiency will always be a component that will increase or decrease the value of a property.

In addition, there are external factors to the property itself that will also play a relevant role in the appraisal, such as population density or whether the population is used as a bedroom community for a large city. Seasonality can also be a factor, and it is advisable to buy in the fall if the economic factor is a constraint.

In any case, choosing a home in Valencia or its surroundings will always be a safe bet, as the cost, both of rent and sale, is 59% lower than in the rest of the cities in the world, so both are below the average price in Spain.

What is the new construction real estate market like in Valencia province?

The current situation of new construction properties in Valencia will be marked by an increase in prices predicted for 2022. The College of Real Estate Agents forecasts that the market will experience signs of strength and stability. In addition, after several years of growth in new construction properties in the more rural areas of Valencia province, due to the improvement in public health and salary increases, the vast majority of new developments are now being focused on the metropolitan area of Valencia. However, currently, the trend is leaning towards an increase in rental prices for properties rather than purchases.

What is the importance of buying new-build flats as opposed to second-hand houses in the province of Valencia?

For this question, there is no one correct answer as it will depend on the buyer's needs. However, the best way to get a personalized and specific view will be to compare the sales and benefits of both options.

The most important issue will be the client's need to have a new apartment that no one has lived in yet. In addition, the fact of having a blank canvas when furnishing will always facilitate the task, as there will be no elements from the previous owner that may tarnish this experience. It is also worth noting that when buying a new home, the possibilities of having to carry out a partial or comprehensive renovation of the property are significantly reduced. On the other hand, if there is some urgency at the time of the move, second-hand apartments usually expedite this circumstance. In addition, the lower tax burden between 4% and 11% could make a difference when making a final decision.

Where to buy new development in Valencia province?

There are several areas in the Valencia province where we can find new-build properties, depending on the location, budget, and urgency of finding one. However, statistics offer a more or less stable benchmark of the areas where we can buy new-build apartments in the Valencia province.

Currently, the point where we can find the most varied options of new-build developments in the Valencia province is in the capital itself, with a price ranging from €130,000 to €2,300,000. As the search begins to move away from the city center, prices become more affordable, as evidenced in Rocafort, where the average price can be found between €160,000 and €290,000. The same is true for the new-build properties in Canet de Berenguer, where the price ranges from €105,000 to €290,000.

As for the locations closest to the coast, prices increase significantly, such as in Oliva, where new-build properties can be found with prices ranging between €290,000 and €300,000, or in Cullera, with new-build properties valued between €170,000 and €340,000.

All new developments in the province of Валенсия

Exclusive list of new developments in all cities in the province of Валенсия as well as the names of selling agents, developers that carry the projects and also the basic statistics of prices for new construction developments
Developments Total objects City Median house price Average price per m² Sales agent
Ocean Homes Oliva 429 715 € 3 969 € CHG - Construcciones Hispano Germanas
Sevilla 7 Oliva 350 900 € 3 655 € CHG - Construcciones Hispano Germanas
Asana Residencial Puebla de Vallbona 361 000 € 2 560 € SFI consulting
Geco Home Project 4048 Carcagente 1 200 000 € Nuevos Edificios Inmobiliaria
Xeresa del Monte Jeresa 216 000 € 3 020 € Asa Grupo
Bolzano Valencia 1 075 000 € 3 474 € Aedas Homes
Picanya-Verd Hort de les Palmes 420 000 € 1 900 € Grupo careco
Residencial Puerta del Vedat 16 Urbanización Mas de la Montañeta 467 000 € 2 900 € Cooperactivate
Residencial River Dee 26 Chiva 270 000 € 1 862 € MANUEL ESCARTÍ CONSULTOR INMOBILIARIO
Montesano Homes 18 San Antonio de Benagéber 435 000 € 2 457 € Urvitra
Llobet 38 Valencia 575 000 € 2 704 € Aedas Homes
MT22 Valencia 321 000 € 2 767 € Vía Célere
Residencial Constitución 8 Chirivella 328 000 € 1 261 € Urbania
Eunoia Residencial 12 Sagunto 310 000 € 2 198 € Creativa Homes
Comare Pilar Marti Torrente 300 850 € 2 103 € Miranda Grupo Inmobiliario
Villa de lujo en L'Eliana Colinas de San Antonio 579 000 € 2 880 € DETALLE INMOBILIARIO
Paiporta Homes Motor de San Bernardo 292 000 € 1 947 € Neinor Homes
Edificio Brises D´albalat Albalat dels Sorells 199 500 € 2 204 € RK Palanca Fontestad
Edificio Gaspar 12 Valencia 183 000 € 2 107 € Designable
Residencial Aurada Sagunto 278 000 € 2 486 € Metrovacesa
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