About our company

Who are we?

We are a modern online real estate agency with a clear vocation as a specialized portal for the management and sale of new construction throughout the national territory.

In June 2022, the most interesting and prominent online real estate project of recent years was born with the company NUEVOS EDIFICIOS ONLINE SL, because when you need to buy your first new apartment, you need to have very clear ideas and maximum specialized information. We do the hard work for you, collecting the largest number of promotions and urban development projects throughout Spain so that in a couple of clicks you have all the quality information you need quickly and easily on the most recommended properties and products in the real estate market. We investigate, organize, and classify all the available information of each of the developers so that you can focus on choosing the best home for you and your family. Find the best urban development projects directly published with the guarantee and confidence of the developers and builders throughout Spain. Our website directly offers its best offers and prices. We don't want anything to stand in the way of fulfilling your dream. If you want to know the real Spanish real estate market and be the first to enjoy your new home, do not hesitate to consult the official website, where you will always find direct, clear, and transparent information from the developers themselves, along with their best conditions for purchasing your new home.

Mission and vision of the company

One of our main objectives is to offer a truly useful and powerful digital tool in both senses, that is, interesting for the buyer, allowing them to choose with better criteria and rigour from the available information, as well as functional for the urban developer or builder who makes himself known with each of his projects. In recent years, we have noticed a continued expansion of certain key areas in Spain that act as poles of tourist attraction and promotion of new homes of new construction. Therefore, our business idea is to cover this need in the market, acting as a free platform for quality and reliable information, as well as being able to become, in the future, a professional support tool for other managers or buyers of new construction homes in Spain.

Until today, it was not very viable for any buyer to analyze and compare all the promotions or new construction projects available, without having the means or knowledge of intermediary real estate agencies. However, from now on, you have our powerful professional tool for searching for quality information, to guide you step by step in choosing the most important purchase of your life.

Newbuildingspain.com will help you put some order into your purchase ideas, through the greatest transparency of information and available offers from each developer.

Our second clear objective is to gather the largest number of new construction products and promotions in order to reflect with great reliability the largest possible supply of products in the real estate sector in Spain. We hope to gradually become a clear national reference in this new construction sector.

We hope that our real estate portal "Newbuildingspain.com" will become, in the not-too-distant future, your favourite daily professional work tool or your personal guide for searching for your new home. We know that we can help you fulfil some of your dreams with a few clicks and our optimized advanced search filters on our website. Despite our great professional effort and a strong commitment to you, do not forget to put a little of your own effort and motivation into finding the house of your dreams.

We take the utmost care of the details and personalized attention with all our clients because, for us, each of our clients is equally important to finding the perfect home for you. Without hesitation, we always seek and offer the best offers and new construction homes available in the entire national market to meet the demands of the most demanding buyers.

Remember: If you already know "Newbuildingspain.com", it's because you want to be the first to move into your dream home!