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Mirador del Yelmo
From 460 000 €
(3 239 €/m²)
Last property found Release date: 2022
Calle Maria Teresa, Madrid
Mirador del Yelmo
Swimming poolGarageElevatorSecurityStorage room
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Etheria Gardens I y II
From 569 000 €
(3 197 €/m²)
Last property found
Calle Ferenc Puskas, Madrid
Etheria Gardens I y II
Swimming poolGarageJanitorPlaygroundStorage roomLandscaped areas
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Las Terrazas Del Marquesado
From 70 500 €
(1 378 - 1 761 €/m²)
25 properties found Release date: Final 2023
Calle Laguna del Marquesado, Madrid
Las Terrazas Del Marquesado
Swimming poolGarageElevatorSecurityStorage roomLandscaped areasCommunity terrace
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Habana 147
From 2 075 000 €
(9 229 - 11 255 €/m²)
3 properties found Release date: 2022
Paseo de la habana, Madrid
Habana 147
Swimming poolGarageElevatorJanitorGymSecurity+3
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Martínez Campos 9
From 1 325 000 €
(6 725 €/m²)
Last property found Release date: 2020
Paseo del General Martínez Campos, Madrid
Martínez Campos 9
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San Buenaventura 6
From 425 000 €
(5 000 - 7 569 €/m²)
6 properties found Release date: 2024
Calle San Buenaventura , Madrid
San Buenaventura 6
GarageElevatorGymStorage room
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Terraza de Valdebebas
From 557 250 €
(3 734 - 5 358 €/m²)
12 properties found Release date: 2024
C/ Estanislao Pérez Pita nº70, Madrid
Terraza de Valdebebas
Sports courtSwimming poolElevatorGymBasketball courtPadel court+6
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Mirador del Parque
From 378 692 €
(3 749 €/m²)
Last property found Release date: 2023
Calle Arroyo del Cañaveral, Madrid
Mirador del Parque
Sports courtSwimming poolGarageElevatorSecurityStorage room+3
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Nuevo Puerta de Hierro
From 480 500 €
(8 008 - 8 675 €/m²)
2 properties found Release date: 2024
Calle de Cantalejo, Madrid
Nuevo Puerta de Hierro
Swimming poolGarageGymStorage roomLounge / Community room
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Ferraz 41
From 1 510 000 €
(7 224 €/m²)
Last property found Release date: 2020
Calle Ferraz, Madrid
Ferraz 41
Swimming poolGarageElevatorGymSecurityStorage room+4
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Puerta de Hierro
From 1 950 000 €
(5 431 - 6 876 €/m²)
3 properties found
Calle Navalmanzano , Madrid
Puerta de Hierro
GarageElevatorSecurityStorage roomLandscaped areasGarden
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Mesena 80
From 423 500 €
(4 684 - 8 457 €/m²)
10 properties found
Calle de Mesena, Madrid
Mesena 80
Swimming poolGarageElevatorSecurityPlaygroundStorage room+2
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New developments in Madrid

The city of Madrid currently has more than 300 new development projects, including those already completed and those in progress. It is the city with the largest number of new homes in Spain, followed by Malaga and Barcelona. Prices for these types of properties in the country's capital vary widely, with the most affordable starting at €105,000 and the most expensive reaching €9,000,000.

The highest values per square meter can be found in the most popular and in-demand districts, such as Salamanca (over €6,000/m2), followed by Chamberí and Chamartín (both around €5,500/m2). These values become more affordable the further away from the city centre we go, with the lowest values found in the southern area of the city, such as Villaverde (€1,700/m2) and Puente de Vallecas (€1,900/m2).

Which districts have the main new development projects?

The district currently showing the strongest growth in these properties is Vicálvaro (50 new projects). It is followed by Hortaleza and Moncloa-Aravaca (both with around 30 new projects). Other areas with a significant volume of new developments are Chamberí, Fuencarral-El Pardo, Tetuán, and the Madrid-Río area.

What factors influence the price of new developments in Madrid?

Primarily, the cost per square meter (m²) of a new construction project in Madrid depends on the relationship between supply and demand. According to recent studies on the real estate market, demand is very high for new homes, but there aren't enough properties to meet it. This is mainly due to the scarcity of developable land.

Other factors that come into play include the cost of materials, which have increased considerably in recent years and continue to rise with the unstoppable increase in raw materials. Of course, general factors such as the location of the properties, their size, the materials used in construction, finishes, and common areas also play a role. Price also depends on the services and facilities offered by the property, as buyers mainly look for open spaces, especially gardens, pools, and terraces.

In addition, it's important to consider whether the property is independent or part of a community of neighbours. In the former case, both maintenance of the property and its facilities are solely the buyer's responsibility. Whereas, being part of a community of neighbours, maintenance of common services is a communal expense and therefore shared.

What is the situation of the new construction real estate market in Madrid?

In general, the price of this type of property in the Spanish capital has decreased in recent years, but seven districts were the exception: Vicálvaro, Centro, Chamberí, La Latina, Fuencarral-El Pardo, Chamartín, and Salamanca. The areas where prices have dropped the most are Moratalaz, Usera, and Moncloa-Aravaca.

Currently, the city of Madrid is growing in all directions and has new construction offerings in almost all of its peripheral districts, especially in the northwest, north, south, and the so-called Corredor del Henares. It's worth highlighting the urban development that's taking place in the so-called Southeast Strategy with El Cañaveral and its wide availability of properties. Thanks to this, the district of Vicálvaro is considered the new expansion zone of the municipality.

This is in addition to the ambitious Madrid Nuevo Norte project, which will take about 24 years to complete. All of this development will lead to a significant increase in the new construction real estate market in the coming years.

What is the importance of buying new build developments compared to second-hand properties in Madrid?

According to the report "New Build Buyer Profile in 2021" by Fotocasa, the main reason for investing in new build properties is the absence of renovation work needed. Close behind is the factor of energy efficiency, which is very relevant to current buyers as it implies long-term cost savings.

It's also worth considering that in recent years, the average buyer looks for properties that offer facilities and common areas that increase their quality of life. This is taken into consideration by developers when designing new properties. Therefore, it's not difficult to find developments that offer green areas, spaces to practice sports or swimming pools, which increases the value of these properties.

Where to buy new developments in Madrid?

The main new build projects in Madrid are focused on the metropolitan area of the capital. These include:

El Cañaveral.

This is one of the fastest-growing neighbourhoods with around 14,000 homes planned, and more than 6,000 have already been delivered. It has a total of 40 developments, concentrating the largest stock of new properties in the capital. The main attraction for buyers is that it has more affordable prices than other current projects, with a price per square meter ranging from €2,500 to €3,000.

The properties mainly consist of apartments, ground-floor apartments with gardens and penthouses. The majority of properties in multi-family buildings have 3 bedrooms and an approximate surface area of 120 square meters, with an average price of around €310,000. As for single-family houses, prices start from €425,000. The average profile of the buyer is young people between 25 and 40 years old, with or without a partner, looking to buy their first property in areas with green spaces.

Madrid Nuevo Norte.

This is colossal development, considered the largest urban project in Europe. It involves the creation of more than 3 million square meters in the north of the Chamartín district. A total of 10,500 homes will be built in an environment that will have 3 metro stations, a new commuter station, and an impressive central park of more than 10 hectares.

In this immense project, called "Operation Chamartín" and promoted by the Distrito Castellana Norte company, residential buildings are combined with offices and commercial properties. The first urban phase is planned to begin between 2023 and 2024, and the first homes to be delivered by 2026.

Behind these two major projects, the Valdebebas and San Chinarro areas have the most development activity. These are two districts in Madrid where new construction is highly sought after, as they prioritize urbanization with magnificent common areas.

All new developments in Madrid

Exclusive list of developments in Madrid as well as the names of selling agents and developers that carry the projects and basic statistics of prices for new construction developments
Developments Total objects City Median house price Average price per m² Sales agent
Residencial Mirasierra Madrid 1 389 000 € 6 550 € Pryconsa Excellence
Las Terrazas Del Marquesado 261 Madrid 75 500 € 1 486 € Altamira Inmuebles
Mirador del Parque 45 Madrid 378 692 € 3 749 € Residencial Gestión Norte
Pico Cejo 66 7 Madrid 179 900 € 2 949 € Inverbriga
Terraza de Valdebebas 98 Madrid 635 450 € 4 886 € IP Ingenium
Habana 147 Madrid 2 455 000 € 10 695 € UNIQ
Gran Vía 30 28 Madrid 2 169 475 € 11 920 € Global Cafarra S.L
Residencial Albali II Madrid 225 626 € 2 174 € Grupo Ibosa
San Buenaventura 6 15 Madrid 532 500 € 7 212 € Knight Frank
Bôrea Quintablanca 42 Madrid 1 322 000 € 6 177 € FCC real estate
Ferraz 41 Madrid 1 510 000 € 7 224 € Gilmar
Martínez Campos 9 3 Madrid 1 325 000 € 6 725 € SH Walters
Nuevo Puerta de Hierro Madrid 672 000 € 8 341 € Acciona
Residencial Sextans 74 Madrid 179 449 € 2 630 € Grupo Ibosa
Esperanza 20 Madrid 373 000 € 5 012 € Salas
Mesena 80 92 Madrid 1 044 500 € 6 907 € Metrovacesa
El Pinar de Caleruega 42 Madrid 732 500 € 5 140 € Filasa
Puerta de Hierro 12 Madrid 2 150 000 € 5 972 € ASSUMA
Mirador del Yelmo 7 Madrid 460 000 € 3 239 € LOOK & FIND
Etheria Gardens I y II Madrid 569 000 € 3 197 € Aedas Homes
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