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5 senses
From 2 029 000 €
(4 479 €/m²)
Last property found
Calle Urbanización Monte de las Encinas s/n, Boadilla del Monte
5 senses
GarageSecurityStorage roomLandscaped areasGarden
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Viridis 2.0
From 822 000 €
(1 666 - 1 810 €/m²)
6 properties found Release date: 2023
Calle Cabo de Creus, Boadilla del Monte
Viridis 2.0
Swimming poolGarageSecurityStorage roomLandscaped areasGarden
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Villas del Mirabal 3
From 995 000 €
(2 352 - 2 597 €/m²)
34 properties found Release date: 2023
Calle Cabo de Finisterre, Boadilla del Monte
Villas del Mirabal 3
Swimming poolGarageSecurityPadel courtStorage roomLandscaped areasGarden
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Residencial Finisterre
From 644 900 €
(1 902 - 2 039 €/m²)
4 properties found
Calle Cabo de Finisterre s/n, Boadilla del Monte
Residencial Finisterre
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Las Fuentes de Valenoso
From 780 000 €
(2 396 - 2 794 €/m²)
10 properties found
Calle Francisco Pizarro, Boadilla del Monte
Las Fuentes de Valenoso
Swimming poolGarageGymSecurityBarPadel court+4
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From 1 970 000 €
(3 007 €/m²)
Last property found Release date: 2024
Calle Playa del Barro, Boadilla del Monte
GarageSecurityStorage roomLandscaped areasGarden
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Mirador de Los Fresnos
From 604 700 €
(3 793 - 4 355 €/m²)
12 properties found Release date: 2024
Calle Comunidad Canaria, Boadilla del Monte
Mirador de Los Fresnos
Swimming poolGarageElevatorGymSecurityPlayground+4
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Boadilla Class
From 725 000 €
(1 577 - 2 511 €/m²)
12 properties found
Avenida Víctimas del Terrorismo, Boadilla del Monte
Boadilla Class
Swimming poolElevatorGymSecurityVideo door entryPadel court+4
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Viridis 3.0
From 892 400 €
(1 724 - 2 172 €/m²)
15 properties found
Calle Cabo de Creus, Boadilla del Monte
Viridis 3.0
GarageLandscaped areas
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Islas Medes 3
From 2 000 000 €
(3 773 €/m²)
Last property found
Calle Islas Medes, Boadilla del Monte
Islas Medes 3
Swimming poolGymCinema
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Villas del Parque 2
From 815 322 €
(2 932 - 3 103 €/m²)
3 properties found
Calle Cabo de Trafalgar , Boadilla del Monte
Villas del Parque 2
Multipurpose roomGardenPrivate poolPrivate parking
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The Project
From 1 110 000 €
(3 217 - 3 362 €/m²)
2 properties found
Calle Alvaro de Bazán , Boadilla del Monte
The Project
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New developments in Boadilla del Monte

Boadilla del Monte can boast of being one of the first residential areas and most important areas of expansion of Madrid. It is a municipality located in the west of the capital that currently has over 56,000 inhabitants and 14 new construction developments available.

According to the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, the price per square meter is currently at 2,656 euros, which is a 4.28% increase from last year.

In the most prominent districts of Boadilla del Monte, the price per square meter is:

  • Around 2,600 €/m² in Las Lomas.
  • Almost 3,000 €/m² in Parque Boadilla.
  • Just over 2,000 €/m² in El Olivar de Mirabal.
  • About 3,300 €/m² in Sector B.
  • Close to 2,800 euros per square meter in Sector S.
  • 2,300 €/m² in Valdecabañas.
  • Just over 2,400 €/m² in Las Encinas.
  • About 2,400 €/m² in Montepríncipe.

What areas have the highest number of new construction projects?

Currently, the districts/neighborhoods with the highest volume of new construction projects in the municipality are: Las Lomas, Parque de Boadilla, El Olivar de Mirabal, Sector B, and Valdecañas.

What influences the price of new construction in Boadilla del Monte?

Boadilla del Monte is one of the most sought-after areas in Madrid, and has been for more than a decade. The high demand and limited supply drive prices up to maintain equilibrium in the real estate market. In fact, it is the 6th most expensive town per square meter in the entire Madrid region, after the capital, Alcobendas, Pozuelo, Majadahonda, and Tres Cantos.

Furthermore, according to data from the Tax Agency, Boadilla del Monte is also one of the municipalities with the highest per capita income in Spain. Specifically, its inhabitants have annual incomes of more than 62,000 euros.

These data undoubtedly contribute to the high prices in Boadilla del Monte, which help maintain its exclusivity, control the buying and selling of properties, and make it an ideal place to build high-quality new homes.

The type of housing is another factor that directly affects the value of properties in Boadilla del Monte. Over 45% of the available properties have more than five bedrooms, which drives up their value. Generally, these are semi-detached houses and independent villas, with areas of more than 400 square meters and a final price of around 1,000,000 euros.

How is the new property market in the province of Boadilla del Monte?

The new construction real estate market in Boadilla del Monte is considered luxurious, with prices that are out of reach for most citizens, and with common areas that are well above average. The market for this type of property is so exclusive that the average price ranges between 1 and 2 million euros.

However, real estate transactions continue to be active. Data collected by the Ministry of Transport, Mobility, and Urban Agenda shows a very active and solid market that is expected to continue growing year after year.

The number of new property sales in 2019 was 366, 803 in 2020, and 905 in 2021. Thanks to completed and planned constructions, Boadilla del Monte is expected to have sold over 1,000 new properties in the next market reports.

Regarding the price, it varies depending on the area. Although the average price per square meter is around 2,200 euros, it can increase up to 2,600 euros in Las Lomas or 2,800 euros in Sector S. These changes mean that in areas on the outskirts, villas can have a value of 2,300,000 euros, while the same type of property inside the municipality can have a price of 1,880,000 euros. Additionally, the price per square meter in the entire municipality increases year after year, at a rate of around 1-2%.

What is the importance of buying new build flats versus second-hand houses in the city of Boadilla del Monte?

Piscina, garaje y trastero privado, inmuebles de más de 600 metros y 5 habitaciones, cerca de la montaña, con buen acceso por carretera, transporte público y muy cerca de zonas de ocio, restauración, centros sanitarios y educativos, entre otros. Las viviendas de este tipo construidas superan, con creces, las prestaciones de las de segunda mano disponibles en el municipio.

Este es uno de los principales motivos por las que se ha convertido en la sexta población mas demandada de todo Madrid. Son vendidos en tiempo récord gracias a su ubicación privilegiada, la cercanía de todo lo imprescindible y el confort y la exclusividad que irradian estos inmuebles. Destacan los materiales, la garantía de estrenar una casa, de poder personalizarla, incluir energías renovables y de, además, contar con zonas comunes con otros servicios como pistas deportivas, gimnasio, sauna, solárium o sala de reuniones. Ya sea como inversión, primera o segunda residencia, para españoles o extranjeros, las viviendas a estrenar en esta localidad son una apuesta de presente y futuro. Las cuales, incluso, pueden adquirirse con pequeños descuentos de entre el 20-30%, si se reservan en las primeras fases de construcción, ya sea sobre plano o proyectadas.

Where to buy new construction in Boadilla del Monte?

More than half of the new construction offerings are located on the outskirts of the municipality. This characteristic allows real estate companies and builders to construct larger properties and residential complexes with a greater number of amenities and features.

The only areas where property from the 14 available new construction developments can be purchased are:

New developments in Las Lomas. In this part of the municipality, semi-detached houses are predominant. In fact, there is no offer or promotion for buildings with apartments, flats, or duplexes either under construction or completed.

The most affordable house has 5 bedrooms, 300 square meters, and a value of 1,330,000 euros. All appliances have the highest energy efficiency rating (A), the possibility of increasing the usable square meters up to 600 meters within a 2,600 square meter plot, and the urbanization has private security and special access to the mountain.

The most expensive in the entire area costs 2,700,000 euros. It is a semi-detached house with 5 bedrooms, 800 square meters, a plot of more than 3,000 square meters, 3 floors, a garage for 3 cars, and built with natural, noble, and high-end stones.

New developments in Parque de Boadilla. The properties with the cheapest square meter price in the municipality are located in this area. It is possible to acquire a house with 5 bedrooms, 373 square meters, underfloor heating, a swimming pool, a storage room, photovoltaic panels, and a garden for 675,000 euros. The most expensive property in Parque de Boadilla is a semi-detached house of over 420 square meters, with underfloor heating, energy efficiency certification, a swimming pool, a garage, and a private storage room for 1,250,000 euros.

All new developments in Boadilla del Monte

Exclusive list of developments in Boadilla del Monte as well as the names of selling agents and developers that carry the projects and basic statistics of prices for new construction developments
Developments Total objects City Median house price Average price per m² Sales agent
Villas del Parque 2 24 Boadilla del Monte 841 732 € 3 027 € Serprocol
Viridis 3.0 Boadilla del Monte 990 000 € 1 849 € Grupo Cambrija
Islas Medes 3 1 Boadilla del Monte 2 000 000 € 3 773 € CLIMAGAR
Boadilla Class 114 Boadilla del Monte 825 000 € 2 334 € Asentis
The Project Boadilla del Monte 1 135 000 € 3 289 € Proel
Dehesa Montepríncipe 13 Boadilla del Monte 2 300 000 € 2 628 € HIDRA DESIGN
5 senses 5 Boadilla del Monte 2 029 000 € 4 479 € Inmobiliaria Espacio
Mirador de Los Fresnos 59 Boadilla del Monte 629 700 € 4 047 € Gilmar
Levels 7 Boadilla del Monte 1 970 000 € 3 007 € lucas fox
Las Fuentes de Valenoso 52 Boadilla del Monte 870 000 € 2 613 € Arjusa
Residencial Finisterre 6 Boadilla del Monte 677 400 € 1 959 € Grupo Index
Villas del Mirabal 3 50 Boadilla del Monte 996 509 € 2 587 € Aselog
Viridis 2.0 22 Boadilla del Monte 822 000 € 1 810 € Grupo Cambrija
Residencial Las Villas de Prado Grande 31 Boadilla del Monte 684 900 € 1 836 € Grupo Index
Boadilla Park 14 Boadilla del Monte 1 050 000 € 2 949 € Proel
Boadilla River Park 13 Boadilla del Monte 895 000 € 3 013 € Proel
Residencial Prado Chico 31 Boadilla del Monte 799 000 € 2 075 € Grupo Index
Villa en Las Lomas 1 Boadilla del Monte 2 700 000 € 3 375 € Las Lomas Real Estate
Las Lomas I 1 Boadilla del Monte 1 330 000 € 4 433 € KAEBIN
Las Lomas Natura 7 Boadilla del Monte 2 550 000 € 3 234 € Promora Aravaca
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