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Paraíso de La Mata
From 940 000 €
(4 476 - 4 714 €/m²)
Last 2 properties for sale Release date: 2022
Av. de Alemania 51, Torrevieja
Paraíso de La Mata
Swimming poolLandscaped areas
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Eden Beach Resort
From 252 800 €
(3 009 - 4 205 €/m²)
37 properties for sale Release date: 2024
Ronda José Samper García s/n, Torrevieja
Eden Beach Resort
Swimming poolElevatorLandscaped areasCommunity terraceSolariumCommunity parking+2
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Luxury Villa Hemingway
From 1 750 000 €
(4 299 €/m²)
Last property for sale
Calle Hemingway, Torrevieja
Luxury Villa Hemingway
Swimming poolGaragePrivate parking
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Alegria Residencial XXI
From 245 000 €
(1 922 - 2 435 €/m²)
7 properties for sale Release date: 2025
Calle La Loma, Torrevieja
Alegria Residencial XXI
Swimming poolElevatorSauna
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Monteolivo New Design
From 750 000 €
(2 678 €/m²)
Last property for sale
La Sagra, Torrevieja
Monteolivo New Design
Swimming poolGarage
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Alegria Residencial XX
From 279 000 €
(1 887 - 2 741 €/m²)
5 properties for sale
Calle Concordia, Torrevieja
Alegria Residencial XX
Swimming poolElevatorSauna
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Aires del Mediterráneo
From 251 000 €
(1 432 - 3 000 €/m²)
Last property for sale
Avenida Tomas Boj Andreu s/n, Torrevieja
Aires del Mediterráneo
SecurityCommunity parking
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Alegria Residencial XIX
From 249 000 €
(2 147 - 2 881 €/m²)
6 properties for sale
Calle Ramón Gallud , Torrevieja
Alegria Residencial XIX
Swimming poolElevatorSaunaSolariumBBQ
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From 620 000 €
(4 328 €/m²)
Last property for sale
Calle María San Gil Noaín, Torrevieja
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Villa Amalia Mediterranean Gardens
From 240 000 €
(2 125 - 3 544 €/m²)
28 properties for sale Release date: 2023
Av. Desiderio Rodriguez, Torrevieja
Villa Amalia Mediterranean Gardens
Swimming poolGymLandscaped areasCommunity terraceSolarium
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New developments in Torrevieja

Currently, it is one of the municipalities with offers of new developments on the Costa Blanca, and Torrevieja has a range of around 20 new construction developments, including those already completed and those currently under construction. According to the latest market data from the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, the value of the square meter has risen by 15% during the last year, to over 1,800 euros per square meter.

The average prices per square meter in the 5 most prominent districts are:

  • La Mata, almost 2,000 €/m².
  • Centro, around 1,500 €/m².
  • Los Náufragos, just over 1,700 €/m².
  • Nueva Torrevieja, around 1,550 €/m².
  • Los Balcones, which exceeds 2,300 €/m².

Which areas of Torrevieja have the largest number of homes under construction?

Currently, the districts or neighbourhoods with the highest volume of new construction developments are Los Balcones-Los Altos del Edén, La Mata, and Los Náufragos. It is worth noting that almost all of them are located near the coast.

What factors influence the value of new houses in Torrevieja?

In general terms, the supply and demand of developments is one of the most influential external factors in determining the final price of these properties. In addition, other elements such as foreign investment, proximity to the provincial capital, or the economic and social situation of the city also play a role. Specifically, in this city bathed by the Mediterranean, there is a key factor in determining the price: tourism, especially international tourism.

It is one of the must-visit summer destinations, both for Spaniards and foreigners. According to the National Institute of Statistics (INE), last year it was visited by more than 700,000 national residents and 270,000 of international origin. Topped by the French and Belgians, followed by British, Swedes, and Germans.

The characteristics of the housing, location, size, orientation, as well as quality of the materials used in construction, are what make the difference in terms of the value of the houses. It is not the same to acquire a property in the centre of the town or on the beachfront, in one of the most famous areas: La Mata.

How is the new build real estate market in Torrevieja?

Its offering is one of the widest in the province of Alicante. The year-on-year increase in national and international tourism figures makes the real estate sector in the area one of the most active. Although the sale of new homes has decreased due to the generalized crisis, they are still above the national average. According to data collected by the Ministry of Transport, Mobility, and Urban Agenda, in 2019 transactions for this type of property were 797, 436 in 2020, and 500 in 2021.

Despite social and economic changes, prices have remained stable. As the same Ministry indicates, in 2019 the average value of these homes was 250,000 euros, 220,000 in 2020, and 230,000 euros in 2021.

These figures confirm that Torrevieja remains one of the favourite destinations and one of the main options for foreign and Spanish investors. Especially for residents of the Community of Madrid, who account for 40% of annual visits.

What is the importance of buying new-build flats compared to second-hand houses in the city of Torrevieja?

The guarantee of having a brand-new home, the ability to make modifications, the use of new construction materials, and the inclusion of renewable energy sources in the latest developments are the main reasons to choose new-build properties over second-hand ones. Additionally, it is worth highlighting the highly competitive prices currently available, especially if purchased off-plan or with special promotions from the developer or real estate agency. In some cases, these price reductions can represent up to 20-30% of the final price.

This option is highly sought after by buyers from outside the city, who make an initial visit to the show home and then complete the process remotely. They return to the property to find it ready to move in. Furthermore, these properties are located in the best and most privileged areas of the city.

The major difference between new-build and second-hand properties, and what makes the former much superior, are the communal areas. In the latest residential developments, flats come with a garage and storage room as standard, as well as outdoor sports facilities, a swimming pool, or a children's playground.

Where to buy new construction properties in the city of Torrevieja?

These types of homes are mainly located in three well-defined areas: Los Balcones, which has the most affordable offer in the city. They are community residential complexes that share a pool and common areas. Each property has sea views and a terrace, while the garage is an additional option to hire. Prices range from 179,000 euros for 84 m² to 275,000 euros for a 170 m² apartment.

In Los Náufragos, there are properties with a medium price range. In this area, you can buy a seafront apartment of 90 square meters for 240,000 euros, a 95 m² apartment with a terrace and garage included for 399,000 euros, and a slightly larger apartment of 99 square meters for 410,000 euros. In La Mata, the most expensive houses are located. Prices start from 500,000 euros for a 3-bedroom, 110-square-meter apartment, and up to 1,000,000 euros for a semi-detached villa with a private pool, garage, and terrace. On average, they have 4 bedrooms and 320 square meters.

All new developments in Torrevieja

Exclusive list of developments in Torrevieja as well as the names of selling agents and developers that carry the projects and basic statistics of prices for new construction developments
Developments Total objects City Median house price Average price per m² Sales agent
Balcones de Amay 98 Torrevieja 236 700 € 3 755 € Amay
Del Mar 22 Torrevieja 381 450 € 3 253 € Amay
Paraíso de La Mata 2 Torrevieja 965 000 € 4 595 € Cabo Cervera
Eden Beach Resort Torrevieja 279 300 € 3 353 € OLE International Homes
Luxury Villa Hemingway Torrevieja 1 750 000 € 4 299 € CBM Homes
Alegria Residencial XXI 21 Torrevieja 265 000 € 2 258 € Alegría Construcciones
Monteolivo New Design Torrevieja 750 000 € 2 678 € Ceprosa Altos de Torrevieja
Alegria Residencial XX 10 Torrevieja 299 000 € 2 558 € Alegría Construcciones
Aires del Mediterráneo 15 Torrevieja 251 000 € 1 432 € Orihuela Resort
Alegria Residencial XIX 12 Torrevieja 269 000 € 2 528 € Alegría Construcciones
Azulik 3 Torrevieja 620 000 € 4 328 € Urmosa
Balcones de Vivi 104 Torrevieja 239 000 € 3 534 € Amay
Residencial Bali 36 Torrevieja 555 000 € 6 369 € Trivee
Laguna Azul 11 Torrevieja 444 999 € 3 836 € Amay
Posidonia Residencial 252 Torrevieja 399 000 € 3 932 € Gomendio
Amanecer IX 106 Torrevieja 255 000 € 3 599 € Duly Investment
Nalia Resort 136 Torrevieja 259 900 € 1 511 € Immosol
Skandinavia IV 29 Torrevieja 209 950 € 2 499 € Amay
Villa Amalia Mediterranean Gardens 46 Torrevieja 280 000 € 2 851 € Insara
Residencial Bella 4 Torrevieja 590 000 € 2 482 € Cabo Cervera
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