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Denia Beach
From 290 100 €
(3 153 - 5 054 €/m²)
2 properties found Release date: 2022
Carrer Riu Albaida, Denia
Denia Beach
Swimming poolSecurityPlaygroundStorage roomLandscaped areasCommunity parking+2
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Residencial L´Estanyo Villa Romana
From 299 000 €
(3 646 €/m²)
Last property found Release date: 2023
Residencial L´Estanyo Villa Romana
Swimming poolElevatorVideo door entryElectric vehicle charging stationLandscaped areas
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Tossal Gross III
From 431 000 €
(2 392 - 2 653 €/m²)
3 properties found Release date: 2023
Calle Mallol, Denia
Tossal Gross III
Swimming poolSecurity
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Tossal Gross IV
From 620 000 €
(3 747 - 3 989 €/m²)
4 properties found Release date: 12 meses 2023
Calle Assagador de Cabanes, Denia
Tossal Gross IV
Swimming poolSecurityPlayground
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Residencial Corona Boreal
From 196 000 €
(2 485 - 4 197 €/m²)
9 properties found Release date: 2026
Camino dels Lladres, Denia
Residencial Corona Boreal
Swimming poolGarageElevatorStorage roomLounge / Community roomSolariumGarden
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From 332 000 €
(3 842 - 5 314 €/m²)
3 properties found Release date: 2024
Swimming poolJanitorGymSecurityPlaygroundStorage room+9
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Marina Real III
From 231 000 €
(3 151 - 5 766 €/m²)
4 properties found Release date: 2023
Marina Real III
Swimming poolGymStorage roomCommunity parkingSocial clubGarden+2
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Marina Real II
From 185 500 €
(2 132 - 2 238 €/m²)
2 properties found
Marina Real II
Swimming poolGymPlaygroundStorage roomLandscaped areasSolarium+2
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Marina Real
From 248 750 €
(2 512 €/m²)
Last property found
Carrer de Castor, Denia
Marina Real
Swimming poolGymSecurityPlaygroundStorage roomLandscaped areas+3
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Denia Urban Homes
From 268 000 €
(2 708 - 3 623 €/m²)
7 properties found Release date: 2027
Calle Amaltea, Denia
Denia Urban Homes
Swimming poolElevatorLandscaped areas
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Residencial L'Estanyó Vil. La Romana
From 409 000 €
(4 381 - 5 903 €/m²)
6 properties found Release date: 2023
Barrio L'Almadrava-L'Estanyò, Denia
Residencial L'Estanyó Vil. La Romana
Swimming poolElevatorSecurityVideo door entryElectric vehicle charging stationLandscaped areas+2
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From 695 490 €
(2 310 - 2 908 €/m²)
4 properties found
Calle Sajolida s/n, Denia
SecurityElectric vehicle charging station
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Denia, el municipio más famoso de la Marina Alta

Una ciudad moldeada arquitectónicamente y culturalmente por diferentes poblaciones a lo largo de su historia. Bañada por el mar Mediterráneo, sus rincones, gastronomía, playas y oferta inmobiliaria de obra nueva son sus principales atractivos, tanto para inversores nacionales como internacionales.

Real Estate market in Denia. Prices and most notable areas

Despite being a municipality with a small population compared to neighboring areas, Denia has a very active real estate market, both for new construction and second-hand properties. Despite the current health crisis and situation, demand has not ceased. According to data published by the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, a total of 223 new homes were purchased in this locality last year, 235 in 2020, and 150 in 2019. These figures confirm a significant increase in purchases and constructions in the last two years, corroborating the great acceptance and success of developments in Denia.

Regarding prices, they have increased as they have throughout the country, due to the increase in the cost of raw materials and fuel. In June 2022, the average price per square meter was just over 2,300 euros, 9% more than the same period the previous year. Currently, the value per square meter in the most relevant areas of the locality is:

  • Around €2,900/m² in Les Rotes.
  • Approximately €2,200/m² in the Marina.
  • About €2,600/m² in Montgó.
  • Around €1,800/m² in the Urban Center.
  • Almost €2,300/m² in La Salle-La Xara.
  • Around €1,500/m² in Saladar.
  • For €2,600/m² in Las Marinas.
  • €2,000/m² in La Pedrera.
  • €2,700/m² in Monte Pego.

Of these areas, the beach areas of Denia, where the city's real estate offer is mainly located, are El Montgó, Las Marinas, Las Rotas, Monte Pegó, El Puerto, La Pedrera, and La Xara.

Advantages of buying a property in Denia

The climate, safety, and family-friendly atmosphere are the main draw for any buyer to purchase a property in this town. The pleasure of being able to enjoy the beaches, the city, its customs, and the surrounding areas throughout the year is what attracts Spaniards and foreigners alike.

In general, both new build apartments and houses for sale in Denia are medium to high purchasing power and have very modern and luxurious designs. The great variety allows for the purchase of a property in a new residential complex with two bedrooms, a garage, and a solarium very close to the port, for 175,000 euros. Or an impressive and imposing villa with an elevator, private pool, 4 bedrooms, sea views, 480 square meters, and of course, a garage and storage room, in Las Rotas for 2,300,000 euros.

Customers, especially international ones, demand superior qualities that, nowadays, can only be offered by new build properties. Currently, there are around 15 available promotions of brand new houses in Denia, ranging from 2-bedroom apartments with 85 square meters for 266,000 euros, to 1-bedroom penthouses with sea views or an independent villa in El Montgó for 600,000 euros.

Except for townhouses or independent houses that have their own services and extras, the most attractive and succulent part of these buildings are the common areas. In general, these complexes are built in large spaces, on the outskirts or in the interior, very well connected to the urban centre of the town and the surrounding municipalities.

Excellence in terms of quality, good location, as well as views and surroundings, are the main objectives of the construction companies in the area. They are places very close to the sea, with surveillance by cameras or concierge, adult and children's pool, gym, sports courts, children's areas, gardens or social club. They are designed so that customers who buy them for the summer months have all the comforts within the complex. And to offer facilities to those who live throughout the year, such as proximity to places of interest, leisure and schools, as well as a garage and storage room.

The most positive aspect of buying a property in Denia is the annual appreciation, around 6-9%. It is an area in full expansion, highly valued in the province and beyond, the desire of many citizens who spend their summers year after year in the region. Buying a house in this area is a safe investment in the short and long term. Even more so if, in the case of new builds, it is purchased off-plan, where construction companies and real estate agencies can offer some kind of discount or promotion, especially if it is the last units available.

Why is Denia one of the most important municipalities in the Mediterranean?

Located in the north of the province of Alicante, 90 kilometres from the capital and the same distance from Valencia, it stands as one of the most important towns in the Marina Alta region, with more than 40,000 inhabitants for most of the year and more than double in summer. 100,000 people of different nationalities enjoy Denia during the summer season. According to its city council, after Spaniards who make up 70% of the population, Colombians, Germans, and British people are the ones who come to the area year after year. Presided over by the Montgó massif, it stands out for its warmth. With an average temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. This climate favours tourism, economic activities, and demand for housing, especially family homes. The recognition as a Creative City of Gastronomy by UNESCO in 2015 was a real revolution for the town in every sense. The media and culinary focus led to new business opportunities for all sectors, including restaurants, festivals, products, and real estate.

All new developments in Denia

Exclusive list of developments in Denia as well as the names of selling agents and developers that carry the projects and basic statistics of prices for new construction developments
Developments Total objects City Median house price Average price per m² Sales agent
Residencial L´Estanyo Villa Romana 100 Denia 299 000 € 3 646 € Nuevos Edificios Inmobiliaria
Denia Beach 78 Denia 377 550 € 4 103 € Sonneil
Residencial Corona Boreal 73 Denia 336 000 € 2 804 € Nozar
Tossal Gross III 14 Denia 461 000 € 2 559 € Asa Grupo
Tossal Gross IV 4 Denia 637 500 € 3 852 € Asa Grupo
Nerva 195 Denia 414 500 € 4 207 € Aedas Homes
Denia Urban Homes 46 Denia 303 000 € 2 967 € Prygesa
Mar Jónica XV 24 Denia 655 000 € 4 643 € Olivares Consultores
La Felicidad II Denia 330 000 € 3 510 € CHG - Construcciones Hispano Germanas
Bella Beach Denia 62 Denia 355 000 € 4 505 € Taylor Wimpey Spain
Nautilus 14 Denia 699 990 € 2 551 € CecoHomes
Residencial L'Estanyó Vil. La Romana 32 Denia 457 000 € 4 886 € Bohomes
L´Alqueria 63 Denia 307 500 € 2 798 € Inmobiliaria Espacio
Denia Beach Resort 99 Denia 290 312 € 2 388 € Prygesa
Marina Real Denia 248 750 € 2 512 € Aedas Homes
Marina Real II 75 Denia 214 750 € 2 185 € Aedas Homes
Marina Real III 65 Denia 255 000 € 3 398 € Aedas Homes
El Fortí de Denia 35 Denia 259 000 € 2 641 € Culmia
Las Lomas de Denia Denia Vendido Vendido Olivares Consultores
Bella Beach 62 Denia Vendido Vendido Taylor Wimpey Spain
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